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Had all my lessons with George. Have to say he’s been nothing but fantastic. Very patient and professional in his approach. He makes you feel comfortable and confident on the road. Special mention for his tricks and advices which proves handy during the test and also once you get your license. Thanks for the amazing lessons George, which got me my full license. I highly highly recommend him!! 


Had my first lesson today with George, he made me feel relaxed from the get go, had a few laughs as we traveled along. And most importantly he picked up a few of my bad habits. I would definitely recomend.


George is an amazing Instructer, makes it easy and makes the lessons fun, I wouldn’t have anyone else as my Instructer. I would not have got my p’s without him that’s for sure 11/10 for recommendation
Thanks for all your help


George was brilliant. He put me right at ease from the very first lesson. I came from overseas with and overseas licence and he helped me through the entire process. I am so grateful to George for all his support and guidance through this entire process. Cheers mate!


George is the best instructor in the business! Before finding him I had been with so many average instructors who don’t pay attention, make you feel comfortable or even teach you anything useful. George is so easy to get along with, makes you feel safe and confident, is punctual and genuinely cares about teaching you how to drive. Lessons are enjoyable and he really understands how to explain and teach driving in a way that is both educational and fun. I got my Ps on my first go after only four lessons with him and I’d recommend him to anyone. If you want to learn how to be a safe, confident driver and get your licence in one go, definitely give him a call! Thanks so much George!

Erandhi Student

I’ve had George when I first learnt to drive and right before I went for my driving test. George gives very helpful tips that actually makes driving much easier. Without George, I doubt I would have passed my test at my first go as easily as I did. Highly recommend him!


George was a fantastic driving instructor. From our first moments of our first drive together I instantly felt safe and secure. George taught me very logical tips for driving and helped me become the confident driver I am today.
I wouldn’t be driving on my p’s without George’s wonderful advice.


George was the most incredible driving instructor. After losing my confidence with a previous driving instructor, it was recommended by a friend that I try George. From the minute he pulled up in his safe and smooth car, I felt comfortable. He was so easy to get along with, made me feel confident behind the wheel and taught me some great logic regarding driving. There was never a moment where I didn’t feel at ease. He made every driving experience fun and rewarding. I learnt so much from George and can honestly say without him I would not have my licence today. Thank you so much George. Molly

Molly ExtonStudent

“I had previous driving lessons but was not confident enough to go for the drive test. The assessment lessons provided by the instructor, a week before the test boosted my confidence as I was able to overcome some consistent mistakes that I was making. Thanks to Pulse Driver Education for making me a good and safe driver”.

Christopher KoolieeelaStudent

Thanks George for your patience and training.


Your simple, safe and clever techniques has made me a confident driver.